8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tuscany During Autumn

8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tuscany During Autumn

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, yet it’s a season that’s often overlooked when it comes to holidays. Most likely, this is due to the fact that it comes right after summer – which many people consider to be the best time for a holiday. After this season, children go back to school and most people get back to their daily lives, despite the fact that they could have a trip that’s just as great shortly after.

Even if you don’t realise it, there are a wide variety of benefits that come with waiting until autumn to go on holiday, especially if you’re not planning on spending each day by the beach. If you’re in Tuscany, you’ll find that there is so much more in store for you.

Tuscan tours are great during milder months

It can be an especially good idea to visit at this time of the year if you’re planning to go on tours around Tuscany. The weather tends to cool off a little bit, making it perfect for exploring the wonders of the region and enjoying everything that it has to offer.

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Regardless of how you decide to spend your time in this breathtaking part of Italy, we’d advise you to at least check out just a few of the reasons why it might be worth booking Tuscany tours 2021 in autumn.

1: The mild and comfortable climate

As we mentioned briefly earlier, you may find that the weather during this season is far more pleasant, particularly for those who are hoping to see and explore Tuscany. Travelling across the region and immersing yourself in the culture is far easier to do while you’re comfortable, which is why autumn can be such a great time to visit.

In most cases, the temperature will be somewhere between 15°C to 24°C, where the hotter months can reach 30°C and beyond. While the summers here aren’t usually too hot and bothersome, you don’t want to find yourself being distracted by the heat while you’re trying to get the most out of your time in Italy. Of course, many people want to go on holiday to enjoy the sunshine and warm waters at the beach, and Tuscany can certainly provide you with that during the summer. For many tourists though, having a comfortable climate that can prove ideal for hiking, sightseeing and more exciting activities is attractive indeed.

2: There tends to be fewer tourists

Despite all the different things you’ve read above, autumn is still a time of year that tends to be quiet among travellers to this region, making it a great choice for those who want to avoid the crowds of people when enjoying their holidays in Tuscany. After having their fun during summer, you can take your time and relax without being surrounded by thousands upon thousands of visitors distracting you from your trip.

3: The natural seasonal changes and their effects on the scenery

We all know the beautiful sights that have become synonymous with this part of Italy. The iconic Tuscan vineyards and fields, rows of cypress trees that seemingly stretch out forever and rolling hills are all but expected when considering the vistas – and these provide visitors with so many incredible backdrops during their holiday here. This makes spring an excellent time to visit, as this is the time when everything begins to grow, but the colours of the natural landscapes shifting from green, to yellow, to red during autumn is something that many people miss out on experiencing.

The great weather here means that you’ll often get a chance to see this breathtaking transformation with a sunny blue sky, making everything clear for you to feast your eyes upon and photograph (because you are certainly going to want to take some pictures). This is something that you can enjoy no matter what you’re doing during your stay, too. If you want to try a variety of the cultural foods for example, you could easily do so whilst also gazing out at the wonderful landscapes. Even adrenaline junkies who want a true Tuscan adventure are sure to appreciate some of the magnificent views as they travel across the region.

4: It’s the perfect time to check out art exhibits

During autumn, you’ll find that Florence is a great location to see an art exhibit. Generally, it’s already an excellent destination for art lovers, so what makes this season different? In most cases, it’s simply because of the variety and quality of the events that are hosted during this time of year. Things like the dedicated exhibit to Natalia Goncharova, the Leonardo da Vinci room in the Uffizi Gallery and more all make the art museums and sites worth visiting.

5: Autumn is ideal if you want to enjoy mushrooms and truffles

The region may be quite famous for its wines and olive oil, but you can’t miss the tasty truffles and mushrooms that Tuscany has to offer during your stay. While this point may not seem too important, it can make a difference to quite a few dishes that you’re going to want to try. Classic meals like risotto ai porcini are perfect at this time of year, thanks to the fact that this is when restaurants have access to fresh seasonal mushrooms.

San Miniato also holds the Festival of Truffles during November, an event that is one of the most popular in this part of Tuscany (and well known across the region!), which is something to look forward to if you do decide to stay at this time of year.

6: It’s the time of harvest

It’s not just truffles and mushrooms that you have to look forward to when visiting Tuscany during autumn. September is a great time to stop by, due to the fact that this is wine month. October and November are also great options, thanks to the olive harvest, truffle hunting and more. This gives you so much more to enjoy when on holiday – although the wide variety of options already available all year round should be more than enough to keep you interested during your stay.

You won’t want to miss out on the chance to visit the region on one of our Tuscan wine tours, since we’ll make sure that you get to enjoy a wide variety of the finest drinks here, as well as take you to authentic vineyards and wineries in locations like Chianti, a small area known for its incredible wines.

7: There are a number of food festivals taking place during autumn

With all the harvesting underway, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are quite a few events at this time of year dedicated to food and drink. A few of the festivals that you’re going to want to see if you get the chance include:

  • Boccaccesca in Certaldo, October (Florence) – This festival honours the famous poet Giovanni Boccaccio, although typically it’s celebrated with cooking shows and lessons, wine tasting, markets, etc. This is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the culture and try delicious foods all at once!
  • Crastatone festival in Piancastagnaio, November (Siena) – This event is held within the medieval walls of Piancastagnaio, with a variety of food stands set up across the street for you to check out. These stands serve a variety of chestnut-based foods, such as Suggioli and Castagnaccio
  • Grape festivals, September to October (festa dell’Uva) – At the end of summer comes the start of the grape harvest, and there are a variety of festivals dedicated to wine across the region. Look into events like:
    • Chianti Classico Expo
    • Festa delle Cantine in Pitigliano
    • Montecarlo Wine Festival

8: You’re likely to find that autumn has lower travel costs

After the main flood of visitors, many flight companies, hotels, restaurants and more will reduce their prices to entice as many people to come and visit as possible once peak tourist season is up. You could take advantage of this and save quite a bit of cash when booking a holiday to Tuscany in 2021, which is definitely something that’s worth considering

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