Castello di Ama – One of Tuscany’s Most Legendary Wineries

Castello di Ama – One of Tuscany’s Most Legendary Wineries

Tuscany is home to many great places, including a wide variety of wonderful wineries, but there’s nothing quite like a visit to the stunning site of Castello di Ama. This particular location is hidden away in the beauty of Chianti, where it can be found among the iconic landscapes that this region is so well known for.

Whether you’re thinking of going on Tuscan wine tours or you’re simply interested in visiting one of the best wineries this side of Italy, Castello di Ama should certainly be on your list of places to check out during your stay. From tasting some of the amazing wines on offer, to simply enjoying the magnificent scenery, we’re certain you’ll have a great time.

What makes this winery so grand?

There are a number of things that create the overall awe-inspiring site that you see today, with historical interest and wondrous views to name but two.

While the area itself has consistently been attractive, it hasn’t always housed such a successful winery. In fact, the land was in a state of abandon up until Lorenza Sebasti and Marco Pallanti came along and started Castello di Ama nearly 40 years ago. The renovated castle is one of the most impressive sites in Chianti today, being an absolutely breathtaking landmark among true Tuscan vistas and offering some amazing wines for visitors to try.

The fantastic wines

You’ll find some of the most incredible varieties of wine that Tuscany has to offer here, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to do a little tasting during your visit, even if you don’t come here with doing so on your mind.

Many of these bottles are renowned across the globe, so the experience of being in the birthplace of these awesome varieties is something that any wine fan is sure to love. A few of the bottles that you may be interested in trying or buying include:

  • Castello di Ama Riserva (Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG)
  • Haiku (Toscana IGT)
  • Il Chiuso (Pinot Nero di Toscana IGT)
  • L’Apparita (Toscana IGT)
  • Vigneto Bellavista (Chianti Classico Gran Selezione DOCG)

The best holidays in Tuscany are often those that aim to include at least a little taste of the broad and wondrous world of impressive wines, which is why we’d advise anyone to treat themselves during their Italian getaways with a trip to Castello di Ama.

Explore the castle’s vineyards

There are many different Chianti vineyards, with several of them being located within this particular winery. The views around the area alone are impressive, but the long and wide vineyards only add to the beauty. They extend across 5 different valleys, which are known by their traditional names; Bellavista, L’Apparita, La Casuccia, Montebuoni and San Lorenzo. Each year, an average of 300,000 bottles of wine are produced here, with a variety of both Chianti Classico wines and IGT labels.

Make the most out of your visit to Chianti

As mentioned before, Castello di Ama is located in Chianti – and we would certainly encourage you to immerse yourself in the Tuscan lifestyle and explore the many wonders of this location during your time here. Absolutely breathtaking views, historic villages, museums and so much more await you on your very own Tuscan tours.

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There’s nothing quite like getting the chance to explore a stunning location like this and our team here at Tours of Tuscany want to give you the opportunity to do just that and so much more. This is why we have a number of different trips and itineraries available for guests to choose from.

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