Holidaying in Small Communities

Traveling overseas is an experience of cultures and sights which you had previously only ever heard about. However sometimes the sheer popularity of a destination can detract from its charm and attractions become warped by masses of tourists, this is why we love small communities.

The best thing about small villages

Quaint townships and small villages remain free of the commercial abundance that plagues big cities. They have a romantic authenticity which has changed little throughout history. The isolation of small communities means they maintain an old world charm which is difficult to encounter in the modern age. They grow their own food, make their own products and inevitably develop their own flavours, styles and culture. Making Italian communities essentially their own nations.

Local producers are still relied upon for the staples of cuisine, the butcher, baker, wine maker. All are still important to the functioning of a community. Society functions the same in small communities as it has for hundreds of years. Everyone knows one another and there is a strong sense of community.

Benefits of holidaying in small communities

Holidaying in a smaller community makes it easier to engage with the people and their culture. You aren’t just a transient passing on through. Locals will recognize your face and learn your name, and won’t hesitate to engage in friendly conversation. You will become familiar with the local barista or bartender. You will overhear gossip and learn folktales as old as the cobbled streets you walk on. Most communities have active hiking or cycling clubs and are usually more than happy to involve travellers.

Hotel rooms are few and far between in rural Tuscan towns, instead you will rent a charming home or apartment. This means you can truly live like a local! With access to a kitchen, a lazy stroll through the Saturday morning market means you can immerse yourself in the Italian produce. Be inspired by the scents of the market, buy your favourite organic Italian vegetables, cheeses or meats. Then take them home and cook like the native Italian you have become!

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