Must-Visit Locations for Any Art Lovers Travelling to Tuscany

Must-Visit Locations for Any Art Lovers Travelling to Tuscany

The wine, the panoramic views, the people… What isn’t there to love about Tuscany? If you’re considering visiting this absolutely stunning Italian region for a holiday, you’re sure to already know that this location is incredible in so many ways.

This is especially true for art fans, as there is so much artistic beauty to be found in Tuscany; whether it can be found in magnificent structures from the Renaissance era, or masterpieces on canvases that are on display in one of the many art galleries.

Many of the towns and cities of the region have some artistic history, with plenty for visitors to see and do. Here are just a few of the hotspots that you’ll likely want to enjoy if you’re interested in the art of Tuscany.

The City of Florence

As the birthplace of the Renaissance, it should come as no surprise that Florence is a must-visit location for any tourists who are looking to see incredible pieces of art. In fact, Forbes ranked it as one of the most beautiful cities in the world due to its artistic and architectural heritage.

This architecture, the monuments and Renaissance art pieces are what the city tends to be famous for – and with so much decorative appeal, it’s not hard to see why millions of tourists travel to Tuscany each year to explore this incredible destination.

While visiting, be sure to take the time to check out amazing sites like the world-famous Uffizi Gallery (Galleria degli Uffizi) and the Renaissance palace, Palazzo Pitti. There are a variety of art museums and historical locations to see, so make certain that you don’t miss out on the chance to peruse what Florence has to offer.

Many landmarks here possess historic beauty thanks to the Renaissance, so you can enjoy structures like:

  • Ponte Vecchio
  • Florence Cathedral
  • Palazzo Vecchio
  • Vasari Corridor
  • San Giovanni Baptistery
  • Palazzo del Bargello 

With all this and more, you can’t miss out on the opportunity to peruse Florence and see everything that this part of Italy has to offer. 

The City of Lucca

Lucca is a city in Tuscany that’s well known for its intact boarder walls that date back to the Renaissance era, but if you come for a visit you’ll find that there is plenty to love within them. There are a wide variety of sites for you to see during your time here, like:

  • Duomo di San Martino – The seat of the archbishop of Lucca, this Roman Catholic cathedral is a stunning structure that certainly deserves a spot on your itinerary
  • The National Museum of Palazzo Mansi – One of the city’s two primary art museums. This one hosts post 19th century pieces and incredible tapestry collections
  • C.C.A – The Lucca Centre of Contemporary Art has 5 floors, 8 exhibition rooms and a variety of modern and contemporary art displays for visitors to feast their eyes upon
  • Torre delle Ore – Known as the Clock Tower in English, this site is an awesome structure that you certainly won’t want to miss while exploring the streets of Via Fillungo in central Lucca

These are just a few examples of landmarks and locations that can add flair to your itinerary while enjoying Lucca. From the Ducal Palace, to the Basilica di San Frediano; there are many more incredible sites here in this city, all of which have a historic and architectural aesthetic that any art-fan is sure to appreciate.

The City of Pisa

While most famous for the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa (which many would agree is a piece of architectural art in itself), you’re likely to find that there is much more in store for you here in Pisa.

Lovers of craftmanship and artistry are certain to want to pay a visit to the Museo Nazionale di San Matteo (or in English, the National Museum of San Matteo), a site that is home to a variety of excellent paintings and sculptures dating back to a time between the 12th and 15th century. Here, you’ll find pieces by some of the most incredible artists of that era, like Nino Pisano, Masaccio, Giovanni and more.

There are a variety of other museums that you could check out too, like the Museo Nazionale di Palazzo Reale (which exhibits a collection of belongings from the individuals who lived in the palace, including statues, paintings and much more), and the Museo delle Sinopie (host to sinopias from the camposanto).

If you’re hoping to enjoy some of the architectural beauty that this fantastic location has to offer, be sure to include sites like the Santo Stefano dei Cavalieri, the Piazza del Duomo and Cittadella Vecchia to your bucket list; you won’t be disappointed.

The City of Siena

The historic centre of Siena is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and as you can imagine, this city has a lot to offer visitors. Siena is most famous for its incredible cuisine, many museums and fantastic art; all of which you could see for yourself if you choose to stop by.

The Pinacoteca Nazionale di Siena is an incredible art gallery located here, home to a variety of masterpieces. Many of the works come from some of history’s most talented Sienese artists, such as Domenico Beccafumi, Fra Bartolomeo, Lorenzo Lotto and more.

Be sure to stop by the Siena Cathedral too, as this site is not only an architectural piece of art, but the many amazing frescoes inside are absolutely stunning. Not only were they painted by Ghirlandaio and Pinturicchio, but they’ve also been well preserved. Better yet, this site is just one of many cathedrals located here.

The artistic history of Tuscany is clear to see from just a stroll in any of these beautiful and historic locations, so why not take the time to explore some of the region’s most breathtaking cities during your stay and enjoy some of the amazing art for yourself?

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