Stunning Scenic Drives Through Tuscany

Stunning Scenic Drives Through Tuscany

Tuscany is well known for its rolling plains and amazing landscapes – and this is one of the main reasons why taking a trip on one of the many scenic drives here can be a great idea for anyone who wants to experience the true beauty of the region.

Whether you choose to travel by car, motorbike, or even a bicycle; you’re sure to see some truly spectacular sights as you explore in this part of central Italy. Here are just a few of the best scenic routes for you to check out.

Travelling through the Chianti region

Many of those who drive from Florence to Monteriggioni choose to take a little detour from the main road to travel through the small village of Castelina (in Chianti). The winding road goes through a number of vineyards – and every few hundred meters or so, you could take a quick stop to do a little wine tasting or try some of the locally produced olive oil.

A short trip from Castello di Brolio and Castello Ricasoli, two infamous vineyards, is definitely recommended – as the journey offers some fantastic views and amazing wine tasting opportunities.

Route SS438

This route, located between Siena and Acsiano, offers a picture-perfect view of the typical-Tuscan landscape that you’re going to want to see, with cypress lanes, misty hills and a natural beauty that you generally don’t get to see in the modern world.

It’s considered to be the most beautiful during spring. At this time of year, you’re likely to see some deep greens flourishing, where in summer, plant life is likely to be a more sunburned yellow. While not a very long route, it’s certainly worth a little detour to see the beauty of the amazing Tuscan landscapes.

Drive through different routes in Val d’Orcia valley

With so many great routes that go through the stunning Val d’Orcia valley, there’s no reason for you not to take a trip through during your holiday. Even those who aren’t as interested in the views are likely to find that travelling between big cities through the valley is a pleasure. From Pienza to San Quirico d’Orcia, from Montalcino to Montepulciano; there are several great cities that you can get to from travelling through here.

There are plenty of routes to explore and a number of amazing small cities and villages along the way – so you’ll have no excuse not to immerse yourself in the Tuscan lifestyle. One of the best roads is the one that goes from La Foce to Radifocani, as this is home to one of the region’s most famous cypress alleys.

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