The Best Hot Springs in Tuscany

The Best Hot Springs in Tuscany

Holidays in Tuscany can be practically anything you want them to be; from a week of fun in the sun, to visiting historic towns and sights that haven’t changed in hundreds and thousands of years. In general, a 7 day tour of Tuscany can be essentially anything you want!

This is why this region may be the perfect place to go to for tranquil Italian getaways. Tuscany is home to more thermal centres than any other part of Italy, and we’re certain that you’d appreciate a visit to at least one.

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Here at Tours of Tuscany, we offer leisurely vacations with spa trips and more, so if this is what you’re looking for, it might be worth perusing what we have to offer. You may also be interested in our Tuscan wine tours, or perhaps even something more adventurous – whatever it is that you fancy, we’re certain we have something that’s just right for your needs.

Whether you decide to come on one of our Tuscan tours or not, you’re likely to have a great time visiting one of the hot springs here, so why not check out a few that we’ve mentioned below?

3 hot springs to check out in Tuscany

Acqua Borra

Located in the remote hills outside of Siena is the breathtaking hot spring known as Acqua Borra. If you plan to visit any, this one just has to be on your list. The hot spring is located on a farm, amongst the greenery of the hills, offering a relaxing and natural experience. Enjoy the warm water as you look out at the amazing scenery and you’re sure to feel your stress and worries slip away.

With a great local restaurant, quaint farmland and Siena not too far away, you could easily immerse yourself in the Tuscan lifestyle while you’re in the area.

Bagni San Filippo

Bagni San Filippo is an excellent free spring situated in Val d’Orcia. While it isn’t the easiest one to find, it’s well worth coming for a visit if you want to savor a few hours in some nice, relaxing, thermal waters. The scenery is incredible too, which is certain to make your time here feel even more perfect than it already is.


Located south of Siena is Chianciano, is a hot spring that offers thermal baths and services for everyone to enjoy. This is often considered to be one of the best for families – and with 7 baths in total, there’s plenty of space for you to share the experience with loved ones.

This particular hot spring is well known for health and wellness – which may be due to the fact that the water is rich in bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, sulphates and several other chemicals that are great for muscular-soothing properties and the skin. The spa treatments here are amazing too, so it’s well worth taking part in what’s on offer during your stay.


Venturia is another great thermal bath in a stunning environment. Tranquillity mixes with nature and history, offering a unique blend that you won’t find anywhere else. There are modern spa treatments, from healing mud procedures to massages, as well as the simple properties of the waters that you’re certain to love.

The unique historical aspect is all thanks to the area that Venturia is situated in – Costa degli Etruschi. It is well known for its many Etruscan archaeological discoveries, so if this interests you, it’s well worth coming along to enjoy the many different facets in this part of Tuscany’s west coast.

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The best tours in Tuscany are right here. Our team wants to give you a chance to have a Tuscan adventure in the heart of Italy’s most beautiful region, exploring the many wonders on offer. So many individuals choose to come on Tuscan tours with us every year – and if you take a look at our day tours of Tuscany, you’ll understand why.

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