The colours of Tuscany! La Fioritura!

La Fioritura di Castelluccio di Norcia – The Flowering of Castelluccio di Norcia

La Fioritura! July in Italy is not only a month to go on holiday, but also that time of the year when nature blooms. Creating breath-taking landscapes. One of the best places in central Italy to enjoy it all is Castelluccio di Norcia. Among the mountains in Umbria, surrounded by a natural plain and close to the “border” with the Marche region.

As you drive along the side of the mountain the road is still under reconstruction due to to the recent earthquake in 2016. Once at the highest point the descent begins and opens up to a huge bare valley. A straight long road cutting it into two sections, surrounded by mountains. The plain is famous for the blooming of  lentils which usually happens at the end of June, for one month. On arrival you are surrounded by a thousand colours: poppies, daisies, fleur-de-lis, and more yellow and purple flowers.

An unfriendly soil to most crops, however the locals understand the conditions and successfully grow one of the best lentil variety in Italy. Pesticides are not used in the fields and plants grow freely and assist the crop. Their roots keep moisture closer to the surface so that humidity is constant.

The beauty is overwhelming, thanks to Mother Nature.

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