The Most Beautiful Churches in Tuscany

The Most Beautiful Churches in Tuscany

Most people come to Tuscany for the amazing wines, tradition and culture, and rich history – but whatever you plan to do during your time here, you’re sure to find that a trip to one of these magnificent churches will be worthwhile.

Abbazia di Sant’Antimo

Also known as the Abbey of Sant’Antimo, this stunning structure is a former Benedictine monastery located just outside of Montalcino. While not elaborate and highly decorated, the beauty of this Romanesque church lies in its historic atmosphere. The interior holds a calming and spiritual aura, ideal for anyone who wants to sit and pray.

The Duomo in Pisa

The abbey is special for its ability to impress without needing anything fancy – although it’s exactly this that makes the Duomo in Pisa such an incredible site. This enormous cathedral is made from slabs of pale marble – and the fact that it’s set in an open field right next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa only makes it a more popular church.

Pistoia’s Cathedral of San Zeno

The main square in Pistoia (called Piazza Duomo), is home to one of the most attractive cathedrals in Tuscany. The Baptistery and bell tower, while quite different from each other, go together so beautifully. The interior is fantastic as well – and you’re sure to appreciate the incredible silver altar and Giovanni Pisano’s pulpit.

The Duomo in Florence

The freestanding bell tower, the octagonal baptistery, the magnificent dome – there’s just so much that makes the Duomo in Florence an incredible church. You can see the beauty up close for yourself, or even take a seat at one of the local cafes in the piazza and gaze at this stunning piece of architecture. All of this makes the Duomo a must-visit for anyone in Florence.

Siena Cathedral

To say that this site is magnificent would be an understatement. Often considered to be one of the greatest Gothic churches in Italy (and for good reason), it’s not hard to see why the Siena Cathedral should be on your list of things to see in Tuscany. From the black and white marble stripes on the outside, to the absolutely beautiful interior; this church certainly doesn’t disappoint in any way.

Arezzo, Church of San Francesco

This church may be beautiful, but the reason why you may want to check it out is because it’s home to one of the greatest fresco cycles of all time; the Legend of the True Cross. Painted by Piero della Francesca, one of the Early Renaissance’s most talented artists, this incredible piece of art alone makes this cathedral a must-visit. With this in mind, when you consider the beauty of the church itself, it’s not hard to see why this site sees so much love and attention.

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