The Top 10 Towns to Check Out During Your Holidays in Tuscany

The Top 10 Towns to Check Out During Your Holidays in Tuscany

Tuscany is without a doubt a breathtaking location, full of so much wonder and beauty. This makes it an excellent place for a variety of Italian getaways, whether you’re interested in trying delicious foods or just enjoying the scenery. To help you better understand what’s on offer, we thought we’d give you a list of the 10 best Tuscan towns to visit during your Italy tours.

  1. Arezzo

Arezzo is an absolutely fantastic town to explore during your holiday, thanks to the many incredible landmarks here; including the ruins of a Roman amphitheatre, fortresses, churches and much more, alongside ancient architecture and all-round beauty.

  1. Cortona

There’s quite a lot to love about Cortona; from its imposing medieval tower, to the incredible views of central Italy, Chiana Valley, and Lake Trasimeno. In general, it’s simply a great place to go for a walk and take in the beautiful atmosphere of Tuscany, if nothing else.

  1. Lucca

In the heart of Lucca you’ll find the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, an absolutely fantastic square that’s ideal for sitting at a cafe and relaxing or for going for a little walk (you won’t be disappointed by the vistas of the town).

  1. Montepulciano

Renowned for its eponymous, full-bodied variety of red grape, this rustic town has some incredible vineyards for you to check out and delicious wines to taste. With so much more to offer, it’s plain to see why this particular part of Tuscany so well loved.

  1. Monteriggioni

The walls of Monteriggioni will take you back to a time where Siena and Florence were battling for control over the heart of the region. Very little has changed about this beautiful destination, and it remains an excellent place for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the ancient beauty that this 13th century town has to offer.

  1. Pienza

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of delicious food, stunning architecture, and the culture and tradition that make Tuscany so fantastic, you’ll find a trip to Pienza to be fulfilling. Often called the ‘ideal city of the Renaissance’, this charming town is one that you simply have to add to your itinerary.

  1. San Gimignano

Located right by Siena, this hilltop town is a favourite among tourists, thanks to its incredible architecture and stunning views. If you’re interested in checking out some San Gimignano tours, it might be worth looking into our extensive list of options.

  1. Suvereto

Considered to be one of Tuscany’s most beautiful little towns by many, Suvereto is a gorgeous little spot that you’re going to want to visit if you love the charming and quaint feel of a traditional Italian town.

  1. Val d’Orcia

If you’re interested in ancient villages, gorgeous vineyards and olive groves, beautiful green fields, medieval castles and so much more; you simply can’t skip Val d’Orcia during your trip to Tuscany. This town is absolutely stunning and you’re sure to feel your jaw drop at just how magnificent it is in person.

  1. Volterra

Located towards the highland ridges of western Tuscany, Volterra is yet another town steeped in history and culture that you simply can’t miss out on seeing for yourself. Home to beautiful cobblestone streets, classic red tiled roofs, incredible basilicas and more, it really is well worth a visit.

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