Top 5 Reasons to Stay in Tuscany

Top 5 Reasons to Stay in Tuscany

If you’ve been looking for a reason to visit the stunning region of Tuscany, you’ll be glad to hear that there are many amazing things to see and do in this part of Italy. With magnificent historic locations, remarkable views and so much more, you’re bound to find something you’ll like if you choose to spend your next holiday here.

There is so much to see and do, with some of the most notable being:

1 – Breathtaking landscapes

One of the first things that’s likely to come to mind when thinking about this magnificent region are the amazing views of rolling hills, cypress trees and the seemingly endless countryside. Just two examples of the stunning landscapes are those in Val d’Orcia and Chianti.

Many individuals come to get a break from the stress of life in the city – and taking a tour around the natural beauty of Italy is often the ideal solution.

2 – The coast and islands

While this region is famous for its exceptional countryside, none can deny that the coastline here is anything less than remarkable. The southern part of Tuscany is home to several beautiful coastlines, such as the Laguna di Orbetello, Monte Argentario and many more. There are also a number of stunning islands here, such as Giglio and Pianosa.

3 – The delicious wines of Tuscany

Almost any wine connoisseur will know that Tuscany is famous across the globe for its wines; from Chianti Classico, to Brunello di Montalcino. These are just two popular brands of red wine that come from this region – and there are many more.

No trip to Tuscany would be complete without taking a tour of a winery, so be sure to visit one of the many amazing wine producers found in this part of Italy.

4 – Tasty, traditional Tuscan meals

There are many great regional dishes that you’ll just have to try during your stay in Tuscany; from bistecca Fiorentina (Florentine steak), to Tuscan lasagne. In general, Tuscan cooking is known for the simple and rustic, yet undeniably delicious, meals that are produced using seasonal ingredients.

Almost every dish will have olive oil and you’re bound to find that all of the foods you try are made with natural and fresh ingredients.

5 – History and culture

The history of this region is long and rich – and in most locations, you’ll feel like you have taken a step back in time. Tuscany is home to countless castles, palaces, churches and fortifications that have a story to tell and if this wasn’t enough, there are also many amazing museums here, too.

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