What is the Most Beautiful Part of Tuscany?

What is the Most Beautiful Part of Tuscany?

History, art and culture are just a few of the things that make the stunning region of Tuscany such an amazing location to visit for a holiday. Whether you’re interested in learning about the past and immersing yourself in the more peaceful lifestyle, or simply want to explore the natural beauty; you’re sure to enjoy yourself in this part of Italy.

There are several places in this region that are perfect for holidaymakers of all kinds, from Siena to Florence, so before you decide to go, be sure to consider the parts of Tuscany that you may want to appreciate during your stay.

There are countless stunning locations

Most would agree that it’s not a simple task to pick just one part of Tuscany to be the best, since there are so many great areas across the region.

With this in mind, the decision is typically made harder by the fact that each one has something unique to offer; whether it’s a medieval town, or a village with breathtaking views of the Tuscan countryside. It often depends on what you want from your trip.

Arezzo for example, is one of the richest cities in the region – and there are plenty of amazing sights here, such as the frescoes in the Basilica of San Francesco. This is ideal for anyone who’s interested in the history and culture of this part of Italy. Chianti on the other hand, is a location famous for its delicious wines and authentic wineries, which generally makes it the perfect destination for connoisseurs and those hoping for a more sophisticated experience.

Other things that you might want to consider when looking for the ideal places to visit include the traditions, food, architecture and art museums. A few more towns and cities you could consider checking out are:

  • Casentino (home to a stunning Romanesque church, the Pieve di S.Martino a Vado)
  • Florence (the hub of Renaissance art and architecture)
  • Lucca (well known for its ancient walls)
  • Pisa (most famous for the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa)
  • Siena (one of the region’s most beautiful medieval hill towns)

Why take a tour of the region?

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to experience all of the beauty that Tuscany has to offer in just one stay, but to get to most out of your time here, you might want to consider coming with Tours of Tuscany.

If you choose to come with us for a tour of the region, you’ll get to enjoy a variety of interesting activities and everything you need to have a comfortable stay. Some individuals may feel that they want to explore on their own, and while they still can do so as part of the detailed itinerary provided, there’s a chance that they’ll be missing out on so much of what’s on offer.

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