What Makes a Traditional Tuscan Trattoria?

What Makes a Traditional Tuscan Trattoria?

What Makes a Traditional Tuscan Trattoria?

There are likely to be a range of reasons for you to visit Tuscany – whether you’re looking for a peaceful escape from your everyday life or want to experience some of the art, history and culture that this part of central Italy has to offer. However, many come to this stunning region for the delicious traditional foods and wines.

Where should you go for a traditional meal in Tuscany?

If you want to eat like a local during your stay and immerse yourself in the Tuscan lifestyle, it may be a wise idea to dine in a traditional trattoria. A trattoria is one of several different kinds of Italian eateries – but there are quite a few reasons why we’re sure that these restaurants are the perfect places to go for a superb, traditional meal.

What is a trattoria?

Generally speaking, a trattoria is a small, family run business that will have a number of dishes on the menu for you to try out. In most of these establishments, you’ll get a true taste of the Italian dinner experience, as the recipes are often passed down from generation to generation of the family. Most will offer traditional wines too – which is certainly not something to pass up.

While the decor can often vary quite a bit from one trattoria to another (with some having intricate design details and others sporting a more subtle look). You’re likely to find that these tend to offer a more casual dining experience that caters to locals and tourists alike.

Whether you’re looking for something romantic, unique, or just want to learn more about the Tuscan way of life; you won’t be disappointed when you visit a local trattoria.

Other types of eateries in Tuscany

Most tourists will want to visit at least one of these locations during their stay in this beautiful region, but there are also quite a few other kinds of eateries that you may want to consider checking out while you’re on holiday here.


In the past, an osteria was a place where locals would go to drink wine and play cards, and were similar to bars in a lot of ways. Over time they’ve changed however, and now offer an experience much closer to that of trattorias. While not the same, most osterias will offer cooked meals, delicious wine and rustic charm.


If you’re looking for a more formal establishment, visiting a ristorante may not be such a bad idea. Often, they’ll have an extensive menu of Italian dishes, desserts and entrées – as well as Tuscan wines, of course.


While mescitas are wine shops, most also serve small bites to customers, too. From cheese to meats, most will have a small portion of Italian food that you can enjoy along with some fabulous wine.

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