What Makes Super Tuscan Wine So Special?

What Makes Super Tuscan Wine So Special?

If you’re looking to buy a delicious wine that has an exceptional flavour, you may want to consider picking up a bottle or two of Super Tuscan wine. Tuscany is commonly known as the wine region of Italy – and for good reason, too. There are many amazing varieties to choose from, but first you might want to find out more about what makes these beverages so special.

What is Super Tuscan wine?

These types of wines don’t follow Tuscany’s DOC and DOCG classification system, as they often use different ingredients and techniques.

It all began in Chianti, with winemakers who felt that the classification system was limiting them and forcing them to produce lesser quality wines. With this in mind, they began making beverages that didn’t fit the DOC or CODG criteria; often experimenting with international grapes (most commonly Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot). But that’s not all that was different about Super Tuscan wines.

There are a number of amazing varieties that only use Italian grapes – and in these beverages, the difference lies in how they were created. This could for example be the aging process used, or how long the produce was aged for.

They’re commonly known as Super Tuscan wines now and can easily be recognized by the IGT Toscana label on the bottles.

The best Super Tuscan wines in the region

One of the best places to get Super Tuscan wines is from the source – and fortunately for you, there are several great wine shops and vineyards that can provide you with quality beverages. A few that you may want to look out for during your stay include:


One of the first Super Tuscan wines, this delicious beverage is certainly a treat for many wine lovers. First made in the 1940s as a private wine for friends and family, Sassicaia has become loved across the globe since it was made commercially available in 1968.


L’Apparita, produced by Castello di Ama in the Chianti Classico hills, is a delicious wine made purely of Merlot. The first wine to be made simply with this ingredient, it has set the standard for other Merlot wines – and most connoisseurs would agree that it’s a masterpiece.

Guado al Tasso

Guado al Tasso is a wine well known for being elegant and supple. Originally it was made with a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot – but in 2007, Cabernet Franc replaced Syrah. The flavour is very unique, with different spices, fruits, tobacco and even liquorice.


Originally, Masseto was known as Merlot, until it got its official name in 1987. Masseto comes from the Bolgheri region and uses only Merlot grapes. It’s well known for its bold flavours – mainly plums, berries and chocolate.

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