When’s Best to Visit Tuscany?

When’s Best to Visit Tuscany?

Tuscany is well known for being an incredible holiday destination – and if you know why it is so popular, you might be interested in taking a trip here yourself. However, before you book your tickets, it might be a wise idea to first find out the best times to visit.

When should you come to Tuscany?

Since Tuscany has so much to offer its visitors, it draws the attention of countless tourists from across the globe.

As you may expect, since the summer has the highest temperatures, most flock to the region during this season – so there’s likely to be a lot of crowds. While the winter doesn’t generally have this issue, you may not want to visit during a time where it’s cold and likely to rain.

Tuscany at different times of the year

The great food, traditions and amazing attractions are there for you to enjoy all year round, but if you want to get the very best experience from your holiday in this part of central Italy; planning your trip is often ideal.

Late September to October

With comfortable temperatures and fewer crowds than the summer months, this is often considered to be one of the best times to visit the fantastic region. Plus, this is also when many of Tuscany’s vineyards begin harvesting their grapes, too. October generally has really low hotel prices when compared to other months of the year too, like July and August.

November to March

You could get some good deals if you decide to book a trip to Tuscany in the Winter – and Christmas is just fantastic here. However, some may not want to visit during these months because of the cold weather. You might want to keep in mind that some restaurants, attractions and hotels may close for a few months during this off-peak season too, while there are less tourists.

April to May

If you don’t want to visit in September or October, be sure to come over in April or May. You’ll often experience comfortable temperatures during these months – and in most cases, there will be less tourists in the region at this time too, so no need to worry about long queues or too many crowds.

June to early September

Not only is the summertime busiest when it comes to tourists, it’s also the hottest time of year, but this can be a draw for many visitors – after all, who doesn’t want to soak up some sun in a beautiful destination? Some find when visiting during this time that small-chain hoteliers, shopkeepers and restaurateurs can be partial to going on their own holidays; so some places might be closed as a result.

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