Winter Activities in Tuscany

Winter Activities in Tuscany

When thinking of Tuscany, you’ll probably envision the beautiful pastures, endless fields and vineyards, and a sunny Mediterranean climate. These are all great features and quite iconic to the region, but spending your holidays in Tuscany during the winter season may not be a bad idea. While it may not offer the same warmth as other times of year, there’s so much to love about this particular part of Italy in winter.

If you’re unsure, just check out some of these great winter activities that you could do during your tours around Tuscany – it might be more than worth it!

Spend some time relaxing at hot springs

For a wide variety of people, one of the top things to do in Tuscany during the colder season is relax at one of the incredible hot springs. Fortunately for those who are intrigued, there are plenty of great choices located around the region – allowing you to enjoy a few hours of relaxation and warmth at any time and place during your Italian getaways.

Be sure to look out for spas, many of which will offer everything you’ll need to chill out and warm up; from massage services, to natural hot springs. It’s not hard to see why these areas are so popular among those who want to take a break from exploring during their Tuscan tours!

Go skiing on the Pistoia Mountains

Not too far away from Florence are the slopes of Abetone on the Pistoia Mountains, which are just perfect for a day of skiing fun. Offering great prices, quality services, up-to-date lifts and a number of slopes for all skill levels (plus some excellent rental equipment), there’s quite a lot to love about this area. We haven’t even mentioned the views and the scenery, which we’re certain will leave you breathless.

While you’re here, be sure to pay a visit to Pistoia, too. This province is fairly large, and there’s plenty for you to see and do here – like the thermal baths of Montecatini and Monsummano. For a taste of the Tuscan lifestyle or an adventure (or both), this is the place to be.

Check out some of the winter festivals in Tuscany

Italy tours of any kind can often be made far more interesting by seeing some of the fantastic festivals – and you’ll find that there are quite a few going on in Tuscany during the winter. Not just exclusive to Christmas and the festive period, there are plenty of great events going on at the start of the new year and the months that follow.

February tends to be a bright and active time; full of colour, interesting flavours and so much to see and do. During this time of year, you can enjoy the Carnival and experience the culture, creativity, music, food and so much more. Valentine’s Day is also another excellent reason to come to Tuscany, since this region can be the perfect setting for a romantic getaway.

While March isn’t technically in winter, it’s the bridge between winter and spring and it can often still be quite chilly at this time of year. You’ll find that March also has plenty of celebrations that you can enjoy and take part in when visiting Tuscany in 2021. This includes events like Festa della Donna, Capodanno in Pisa and even the Italian Father’s Day, as well as a variety of exhibitions, markets and fairs that traditionally happen at this time of year, too.

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