Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, all apartments are air conditioned.

You are able to choose from an open menu for all meals and the selection is varied and caters well for vegetarians.

Yes, although many people prefer bottled water.

The food is typically Italian; all the meals provided are from an open menu and you are therefore able to select from a large range of foods.

Please see our terms and conditions.

Itineraries are provided in order to ensure all our guests have the utmost travelling experience and we therefore do not amend itineraries once your tour has commenced.

We highly recommend you have travel insurance. You are required to purchase your own travel insurance to cover cancellation coverage, airline tickets, trip delay, lost luggage or any potential medical expenses.

We have scheduled tour free days within our respective itineraries and there is also the opportunity of spending time on your own on any of the scheduled day tours

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Contact US (#9)222