Discover Hidden Gems on Customizable Tours of Tuscany

Stunning landscapes, idyllic vineyards, ancient stone villas, charming rural backroads, picturesque historic townships – Tuscany has all this and much more. Beyond the popular tourist trails lies a Tuscany waiting to be explored through customizable tours, curated just for you. Whether you yearn for a taste of Tuscany tour to savor the region’s cuisine, an adventurous cycling or vespa tour weaving through vineyards, or a deep-dive into Tuscany’s rich history and architecture, a plethora of options await.

Many top-rated tour operators, from Tuscany Tours to Tours in Tuscany, serve a vairety of interests with their customizable offerings. These bespoke tours can be specially designed to cater to your unique passion ensuring you not just tour Tuscany, but truly live the Tuscan experience.

Hidden Gems in Tuscany

While Tuscany is revered for its iconic destinations – Florence with its portrayal of Renaissance in its full glory, Pisa graced with the world-famous Leaning Tower, and Siena, a vibrant medieval city, a deeper exploration brings forth countless hidden gems unknown to the casual visitor. These authentic experiences add an extra dimension to your trip making it truly unique and unforgettable.

Historical Landmarks

From famous cities replete with historical landmarks, we venture into the forgotten corners of past, which are less-known but equally fascinating.

  1. San Galgano Abbey: This roofless abbey in the charming Chiusdino area tells a tale of medieval times. Its beauty lies in its peculiar absence of a rooftop, revealing the clear sky within its historic walls. The abbey houses the legendary sword in the stone, which adds to the mystery of the place.
  2. Poppi Castle: Overlooking the Casentino Valley is the impressive medieval fortress, Poppi Castle, adorned with characteristic Torre dei Conti. Within its stone walls is one of the most beautiful fully preserved libraries in Tuscany, containing the invaluable collection of the ‘Commedia’ by Dante Alighieri.

Underrated Tuscan Towns

Beyond the glamour of Florence and Siena, smaller towns too provide an incredibly true reflection of Tuscan culture.

  1. Pitigliano: Often deemed as “Little Jerusalem”, Pitigliano offers an unparallel view, with buildings carved out of volcanic tufa rock, looming over the deep gorge below.
  2. Pienza: Nestled in the heart of Val d’Orcia, Pienza is a UNESCO World Heritage Site revered as the “touchstone of Renaissance urbanism”. A walk amid its idyllic alleyways is a journey back in time.
  3. Lucca: Best known for its Renaissance walls that wholly encircle the city, Lucca is a city that takes you back to the grandeur of bygone eras.

Exotic Tuscan Cuisine

Tuscan gastronomy is heartwarming and varies vastly from the traditional Italian food served in restaurants worldwide. A ‘Taste of Tuscany tour’ promises a delightful encounter with traditional food and wine, unique to this region.

  1. Local Dishes: Essential local dishes include ‘Pappa al Pomodoro’, a signature tomato and bread soup and ‘Chianina’ steak, a classic Tuscan dish made from one of the oldest cattle breeds in the world.
  2. Wine Tours: The fertile Tuscan soil gives birth to exclusive wine varieties. Tuscany Wine Tours from Florence lead you to family-run vineyards where you savor the flavors of exquisite wines, including the robust Chianti Classico and the elegant Brunello di Montalcino.

Making the Most of Your Customizable Tour

Travel is about unexpected surprises and unscripted memories. To fully experience the magic of Tuscany, particularly the less-trodden paths, consider the following tips:

Specify Your Interests: Emphasize your interests; be it history, food, wine, cycling, or nature; tours can be curated to suit your desire.

Visit at Optimal Times: To marvel at these spots in their full glory and avoid the usual crowd, consider visiting early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Essentials to Carry: Ensure to pack comfortable shoes to navigate cobbled streets, hats, shades and sunscreen for the sun-kissed tour, and of course, a camera to capture your memories.

Experiences Shared by Travelers

Travelers who ventured a tad more and embarked on these unique customizable tours formed precious memories and a deeper appreciation for Tuscany’s art, history, food, and culture.

“The ‘Soggiorno in Tuscany’ program showcases an outstanding collection of Tuscan culture including history, food, wine and lifestyle. Organisation was excellent and carried out in a professional manner. The facilities and venues were all of a very high standard. The staff were helpful, supportive and very congenial. All aspects of the tour far exceeded our expectations.” – Pam & Lyn.

“As well as a fantastic, tailor-made itinerary, our time in Tuscany was made even more special through the provision of everything one could need to make our stay a “home away from home”. From the wine to the washing machine every detail was taken care of and Ines herself meets and greets personally. One is met and hosted by the person who runs the company and who takes pride in providing only the best of everything. Every outing has provided us with a quality of information and experience rarely found elsewhere. SECOND TO NONE. Thank you all at ‘Tours of Tuscany’ for an unforgettable time.” – Bev & Sofia.

Exploring Tuscany’s idyllic landscape, rich culture, delightful food and wine, and unique heritage through a personalised tour opens up a whole new world of experiences. There’s a Tuscany tour for everyone – history buffs, foodies, wine connoisseurs, adventure-lovers, or simply those bitten by the travel bug. Embrace the hidden gems of Tuscany and immerse yourself in its invincible charm.Turn your Tuscany trip from just another destination ticked off in your list into an unforgettable exploration of la dolce vita. As a traveler beautifully remarked, “The objective of these tours is to live Tuscany. So be prepared to live, breathe and taste Tuscany!”

Why wait? Pack your bags and set on a journey of a lifetime to this beautiful region. Fly into one of the conveniently located Italy airports, and as you touch down, be ready for an array of experiences awaiting to unfurl. A customised tour of Tuscany is not just an itinerary; it’s a journey into the enigmatic world of history, culture, traditions, and stories that can only happen in Tuscany. Safe travels, or as Italians say, ‘viaggio sicuro’!

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