The Beauty of Tuscany’s Hilltop Towns

The Beauty of Tuscany’s Hilltop Towns

Tuscany is a beloved Italian region for a variety of reasons, with the Renaissance art in Florence to the Chianti vineyards and wines being excellent examples of why visitors just keep on coming back. One of the many factors to consider however, are the breathtaking hilltop towns.

From the more popular areas like San Gimignano, to lesser known destinations such as Pitigliano; there are a broad range of destinations that you’ll want to explore during your tours around Tuscany.

6 Hilltop towns you should pay a visit to on your Tuscan adventure

  1. Anghiari – Often overlooked by tourists, Anghiari is an authentic Tuscan town that’s ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the traditional Italian way of life and just relax in the wonderful atmosphere
  2. Cortona – This charming hilltop town has a lot to offer; from its beautiful views, to its medieval buildings. You could also enjoy some delicious foods and wines here too, making it an even more appealing option for tourists looking for a taste of Tuscany!
  3. Pienza – Much like the other destinations, you’ll find captivating views and incredible architecture in this hilltop town – although the position of Pienza, at the top of Val d’ Orcia hill, is what truly sets it apart from the rest
  4. Radda in Chianti – Chianti is a location that you simply must visit during your Tuscan tours, whether it’s for the atmosphere or incredible wines. If you’re looking for a beautiful little hilltop town, Radda should definitely be on your itinerary
  5. San Gimignano – As the most famous of them all, there’s no doubt that you should pay a visit to this medieval destination. Come along on one of our San Gimignano tours and get a better idea of why this area is just so spectacular
  6. Volterra – Home to everything you could ask for in a traditional hilltop town, Volterra is a stunning place that tends to see less tourism than some of the other areas mentioned, making it a great place to just enjoy the beauty and take in the Tuscan lifestyle

What makes these locations so remarkable?

There’s no doubt that these areas are marvellous, leaving many visitors in awe of their beauty. But if you’ve never been to any of them, you may not quite grasp just how spectacular they are. When it comes to experiencing as much of Tuscany as you possibly can, the many hilltop towns can be excellent places to go.

As you may have noticed from the brief descriptions of the locations above, they tend to have a few things in common with each other, like incredible historic architecture (often from Medieval times) and absolutely wonderful views.

You’ll also find an array of traditional trattorias and restaurants in these areas too, where you’ll have the chance to try some of the meals that have been passed down from generation to generation. From a classic Italian dish like pizza, to foods that are a little more unique to particular areas; there’s no shortage of options available to you.

Regardless of what you want from a Tuscan holiday, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to see the ancient and cultural sides of the region – all of which are available to you in the hilltop towns. To sweeten the deal, each area has its own unique atmosphere and sites, so regardless of the many things that make them similar, you’ll find that each destination holds a new adventure.

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