Things to Do on San Gimignano Tours?

Things to Do on San Gimignano Tours? Tuscany is a region that is home to a wide variety of beautiful destinations – any of which could be the highlight of your Italy tours.  One of the areas that you simply can’t miss during your Tuscany day trips is San Gimignano – a hilltop town known for its fantastic medieval architecture and breathtaking views.

If you’re interested in visiting San Gimignano for yourself, you may want to know a little more about what this picturesque town has to offer. Fortunately for you, we’re here to give you a better idea of everything that you could do on San Gimignano day trips during your holidays in Tuscany.

What can you do on San Gimignano tours?

It’s no secret that Italian getaways can provide a rich and varied experience for an array of vacationers, so it might be difficult for you to decide exactly what you want from your stay. Fortunately, those visiting San Gimignano will find that there are quite a few things that could make their day trips in Tuscany suit their tastes.

Wine tours from San Gimignano

With the many great varieties available in this Italian region, it’s not hard to see why Tuscan wine tours tend to be so popular. There’s no doubt that there are plenty of options, from visiting Chianti vineyards to going on a guided Florence wine tour, but don’t rule out this hilltop town. There are several wineries near San Gimignano that you could make the most of during your winery tour in Italy.

The architectural beauty

One of the things that entices people the most about this town is the medieval architecture. The 14 San Gimignano towers, of which there were once 72, are one of the most prominent landmarks both here and in the whole of Siena.

The area is so beautiful in fact, that the town has been the filming location for several blockbuster movies. If you search online for what was filmed in San Gimignano, you’ll come across an array of titles that were (at least in part) shot here.

Embracing the traditional way of life

As a more laid-back and cultural town, you can often get a taste of the Tuscan lifestyle while exploring San Gimignano. The Siena San Gimignano area is usually considered a great place for experiencing the Italian way of life, so if tradition is something you want to priortise, you’re likely to find that a simple stroll through the streets will be worthwhile.

Truffle hunting San Gimignano

There are many interesting and unique experiences that you could enjoy during your day trips to Tuscany, truffle hunting being one of them. If you’re hoping for something a little different, you’ll be in for a treat; especially if you’d like to enjoy some of the tasty delicacies that Tuscany has to offer. Simply look for a truffle hunting tour from Florence and you’ll be good to go.

While several locations provide this kind of activity to tourists, there’s no doubt that San Gimignano is worth a visit on your Italy truffle hunting tour.

As you can see, from San Gimignano wine to ancient architecture, this town has a lot for its visitors to see and do during their holidays in Tuscany.

What else could you do during your Tuscan day trip?

While San Gimignano is without a doubt an excellent place to visit on your Italian getaways, don’t miss out on the chance to explore the many other beautiful things that a Tuscany tour can offer.

If you plan on staying in the San Gimignano area, Siena tours could be just perfect for you when branching out. Better yet, you could explore more of the region and go on a day trip in Florence or visit some of the Chianti vineyards. Tuscany Italy caters to holidaymakers of all kinds, so you won’t be disappointed.

At Tours of Tuscany, we aim to help our guests to see a broad range of the beauty that this part of Italy has to offer, whether it’s iconic sites or tasty traditional meals. If this sounds good to you and you like the idea of leaving all the hard work to an expert, you’re certain to find that our premium Tuscan tours will be perfect for your next holiday.

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