What Can You Do In Tuscany During Summer 2021?

What Can You Do In Tuscany During Summer 2021?

While most people think of the fields and vineyards when imagining Tuscany, this is far from all that the region has to offer. In fact, with a number of beaches and the wonderful weather, it’s also one of the perfect places to go this summer.

There’s nothing better than enjoying hot months in a stunning destination like this – and our team here at Tours of Tuscany want to help you make the most of your holiday with little fuss. From Chianti wine tours, to adventure tours in Florence; we’ve got you covered with our extensive list of trips.

Here’s some information that you might find helpful if you’re booking a holiday to Tuscany in 2021.

First of all, what do you want from your holidays in Tuscany?

If you look a little closer into what this particular part of Italy entails for holidaymakers you’ll find that, unlike some destinations that direct you to simply lounge by the swimming pool, there’s so many unique experiences to be had. The only downside is that you can’t explore everything in one go – and if you’re like most people, you might have an idea of what you want from your trip before you even set off.

For example, you may be keen to immerse yourself in the Tuscan lifestyle and culture during your stay. Maybe you’re more interested in having a Tuscan adventure and seeing all the popular cities, towns and landmarks. You may even want to go on Tuscan tours – many of which have excellent pre-planned itineraries, accommodation and more.

If you’re not entirely sure or aren’t familiar with your options, it’s well worth taking a little time to consider what’s available. Often, doing so will give you the chance to make the most of your stay.

Will covid restrictions affect my trip?

Here’s some good news for anyone who is planning on visiting Tuscany this year; the COVID-19 regulations and safety precautions shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

While there are still some rules in place (for example, limitations on how many people can be in a restaurant, bar, etc. at a time), it shouldn’t have too much of an impact overall.

What is there to do in Tuscany in the summer?

Whatever season you decide to visit Tuscany, you’re likely to have a great time. However, there are certainly a few advantages that come with choosing to spend a summer holiday in this part of Italy.

The coast

There are quite a few great beaches located here. From Costa degli Etruschi, to Monte Argentario; the many beautiful coastal areas could be the perfect place to soak up the sun and enjoy the wonderful Mediterranean climate. While the weather tends to be good all year round, there’s no doubt that summer is the most satisfying time of the year to relax on the beach.

The 7 islands

Why not pay a visit to the 7 islands off the coast of Tuscany? Elba and Capraia are often the most popular, but they’re all worth checking out. Once upon a time pirates hid their treasure here, but these days, it’s simply the perfect place to relax, explore and enjoy the sunshine.

The islands are all home to some fantastic beaches of their own, so you could easily do a little island hopping with sun and sand thrown in.

The variety of incredible destinations

One of the most important factors of them all is that this particular part of Italy is home to some of the most iconic towns in the country, as well as many wonderful places that aren’t as commonly spoken about outside of the region. From Cortona to Montepulciano, the hidden gems are aplenty and can ensure a less tourist-filled stay for those who hope to get to know the heart of the region.

To sweeten the deal, most of these areas all have something special to offer, too. Those going on San Gimignano tours are sure to notice the 14 medieval towers, and those visiting Pisa can’t miss the world-famous leaning tower. It’ll be an adventure no matter where you go!

With outdoor concerts, yearly carnivals and events, and even the ability to stargaze in less polluted skies, there’s almost no end to the memories that you could be making right now.

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